Core City

date: 2015

location: Mountains (World)

Competition project: EVOLO 2015

Integration of the building in natural mountain landscape is reference to people’s need to escape from the hustle of big cities.

Designed due to this ideology skyscraper constitute a city’s core, focusing inside functions of tourist center, business center and hotels as a completion to surrounding towns, where the main function of buildings is residential.

The potential of the location is used to supply the building into electricity recovered from wind by turbines, which are also a construction base of the building. Branches added to the tower of turbines perform the function of communication routes and provides connection with surrounding towns. Inside each of them is situated track of the “Bubble Train”. Sphere – shaped wagons of the train are situated in gyroscope which stabilizes them in vertical not depending to angle of the track. Train’s mechanism is driven by magnetic power. Moreover, wagons and both sides of tunnel are glazed, that enables people in train to admire views of surrounding landscape.

The main functions of the building are situated in hanging objects. The number and the size of them are depending of market demand and the construction can grow up to need. Investors can locate their services through buying any place in the structure of the building and add new part into main core.

Whole CORE CITY building is a viewpoint, which supposed to provide with wonderful view of the mountain landscape and towns situated in the foot of the mountain.
An inspiration to create skyscraper’s body were shapes of neurons and trees. Except for organic volume the building is like a living organism and can evolve and grow.